Conversations by the C represents two ideas. The first initial in my name is, C and the “C”, is symbolism for the word, “sea”. These gems that I write, are true conversations from the depth of my heart to yours. C, is used figuratively to exemplify a large body of water, “sea”. When I think of the sea, I imagine a place to unwind and gain a peace of mind (plus it is my favorite place to be). The monotony of the daily hustle, breaks, and my spirit is rejuvenated.

At the sea, an individual is able to gain clarity, peace, and inspiration. Although you may not always have access to the emerald expanse, you can experience the elements that the sea brings forth through this site. 

The purpose of this blog is to bring inspiration, motivation and encouragement into your soul. So take your shoes off, walk down the sand, and enjoy, Conversations by the C!