Win the Battle of Depression: Overcoming Depression with God and Therapy (PRINTABLE COMPUTER FORMAT)


A message of hope, healing, and encouragement for every individual that is facing a mental battle, you can overcome.
Win the Battle of Depression was written to help individuals who feel hopeless and are on a search for healing in their life. This guide will give you insight into Cherese Allen’s own struggle with depression and the steps that she made to triumph over the obstacle. With the help of God and therapy she was able to have victory and defeat depression.
This manual is equipped with tools from Cherese’s personal experiences, to help you take steps in the direction, towards restoration. She understands the darkness and loneliness that you may feel, therefore, has provided tips for you to receive healing through the integration of theology and psychology.
What’s included?
-Exclusive 21-day workbook, designed especially for you
-Detailed personal experience, to help guide you on your journey towards recovery
-Ways to identify depression and steps to overcome

About the Author

Cherese Allen is an author, educator, blogger, and mentor. She holds a master’s degree in counseling from, Houston Baptist University, and is passionate about helping others become the best versions of themselves. With a desire to inspire and motivate, she is a full-time educator and pursuing the next steps to obtaining a private practice, as a licensed professional counselor. Outside of the previous, she choreographs for church dance teams in her hometown, mentors, and writes. Feel free to connect with her via website You can also find her on Instagram, @conversationsbythec


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